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Charlie Truelson

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Charlie is a product developer and designer with experience in all aspects of the digital product lifecycle.

Vanity Fair

Example of Vanity Fair paywall message

Launched in April 2018, Vanity Fair introduced a metered paywall to its users, future-proofing the band with a brand new revenue stream. Our team was responsible for the technical implementation of the paywall: user authentication, cross-linking print subscriptions, and establishing a clean user experience that ultimately led them to purchase.

Awards Experiences
Vanity Fair Oscars Ballot

To supplement Vanity Fair's popular award season content, our team built digital ballots, and cross-promoted relevent articles within nominee selections. We iterated our ballots and saw 22% increase in traffic year-over-year, which was attractive to sponsors like Apple, Rotten Tomatoes, and Genesis.

Game of Unknowns
Game of Unknowns screenshot

We built an interactive game based on the show "Game of Thrones". Users would predict outcomes of upcoming episodes, and compare their guesses to actual results. In order to play the game, users had to sign up for a Thrones-based newsletter by providing their email. We acquired over 25,000 new email addresses from our users.

Condé Nast Entertainment

Video Player
Product Management Development
Conde Nast Entertainment Video Player

To maximize ad revenue, our team built a proprietary player with support for preroll, midroll, and postroll ads with VAST and VPAID support. The player served over 1 billion video views in its first year. Over time and based on iterative feedback, we built in support for closed captions, HLS, recommended content, and live video support.

The Scene
The Scene home page

After developing our proprietary player for Condé Nast brands to embed their videos with, we introduced The Scene as a new brand and product. This opened doors to new partnerships with brands like BuzzFeed, The Verge, Vox, MLB, The Onion, and Forbes. Our team also built native and OTT apps for iOS, Roku, Xbox and Apple TV.

Video Content Management System
Development Product Management
Conde Nast Entertainment logo

The CNE Admin was a video-based CMS built to give our producers end-to-end control over the lifecycle and content of our videos. From asset management to distribution and rights management, our producers can handle it all from our the CNE Admin.

Personal Projects

Design Development Product Management
Screenshot of inRetro home page

inRetro is a web-based application that gives teams a platform for anonymous feedback. InRetro was created so that remote team members can feel more involved in our retrospective meetings. It is still in it's early stages of development as user feedback is gathered.

About Charlie

Hi! Thanks for visiting. My name is Charlie Truelson, and I am currently the Engineering Manager for Vanity Fair. My last few years have been spent leading teams to successful launches and iterations, always learning the ins-and-outs of how digital products are built, and iterating to improve.

I transitioned to a software development role years back, and I've held previous roles in design and marketing. I've dabbled here-and-there with music and acting.

I live on Long Island, NY with my wife and three kids.